Power Slap Rules


A. Promoter

Schiaffo LLC (the “Promoter”). [SlapFight.com Note: This LLC is the entity doing business as Power Slap]

B. Matches & Participants

Power Slap matches (each a “Match”) consist of two unarmed combatants. Each combatant participates as a Striker and a Defender one time in each round (each a “Participant”). The Promoter determines the number of rounds per Match, but no Match may exceed ten (10) rounds.
Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
The Promoter may permit Participants to have cornermen or coaches during the Match.

C. Participant Weight Classes

Power Slap weight classes are the same as set forth in the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. Catch weight Matches are permitted. Participants must weigh-in prior to the Match. Any Participant who does not weigh-in within the weight class limit by the weigh-in deadline set by Promoter, will forfeit 20% of their purse to their opponent on the first offense, and 30% of their purse to their opponent for each additional offense thereafter.

The Promoter has the sole discretion to determine Participant compensation, championship and title structure, rankings and performance bonuses, if any.

D. Participant Equipment & Appearance

All Participants must wear a mouth guard and cotton ear wicks. No Participant will be permitted to participate in a Match if he or she refuses to wear the requisite safety commitment.

No body grease, gels, balms, lotions oils, or other substances may be applied to the hair, face or body by the Participant. This includes the use of excessive amounts of water.

However, petroleum jelly may be applied solely by an authorized cutman if the cutman or supervising physician determines that it is necessary for the safety of the Participant.

No head, facial, neck, arm, hand or finger jewelry of any kind is permitted. Fingernails must be cut below the fingertips and must be rounded without any sharp edges. Hair must be pulled back such that it is not in the Permitted Target Area. Beards (or other facial hair) are permitted.

No head gear or hats are permitted. Additionally, no equipment is permitted on the hands, arms or shoulders (such as braces or wraps). Promoter may permit the use of Promoter-approved unintrusive wrist or arm bands for purposes of collecting performance data.

Chalk provided by the Promoter may be used by Participants to put on their hands. Towels provided by the Promoter are permitted to be used by Participants and referees to wipe excess chalk from hands or face. Referees retain the discretion to determine when the use of chalk is excessive and should be reduced.

E. Round Timing/Pace

A coin toss (or other alternative method determined by the Promoter, such as seeding) determines which Participant is provided the option to elect to be the Striker or the Defender first in Round 1.

Round pacing is as follows:

The Striker must complete a Permitted Slap to the Permitted Target Area compliant with the Wind-Up Rule within such 30 second period.

Slap Table and the Defender. Striker’s feet must be within the designated boxes marked on the Power Slap Stage (with toes of each foot on the same designated line within the Striker box, if such lines are provided by the Promoter).

The “Permitted Target Area” is the side of the Defender’s face consisting of the cheek, tracing from the jawline but excluding the chin (i.e., the area measured from the lips downward) and ear, to the height of the beginning of the eye, below and excluding the temple, then to the middle of the face on the outside of the eye and back to the starting point on the jawline only.

The “Wind-Up Rule”: Prior to completing the Permitted Slap, the Striker must elect (verbally and with hand signals and referee confirmation), the hand the Striker will use to strike and the number - 1, 2 or 3 - in which the strike will land. Each number has the following meaning: “1” means no wind-up. “2” means after the hand is lined up, 1 practice motion is taken, then a strike lands on 2. “3” means once the hand is lined up, 2 practice motions are taken, then a strike lands on 3. The hand may not make any substantial contact with the Defender’s body during the wind-ups (as determined by the referee) or it will be deemed to be the Striker’s strike for that round. The hand may touch the face for alignment purposes prior to any wind-up. Strikers may use either their left or right hand and may switch hands during the match.

Knockdowns: If the Defender is knocked down (any part of the body makes contact with the ground other than the feet) and does not immediately return to his or her feet (i.e., a “flash knockdown”), the referee will conduct a verbal 10 count. During this 10 count, the Defender must rise to their feet and establish their fitness to continue as determined by the referee, and confirmed by the ringside physician. If they do not, the Striker wins the Match by knockout. A knockdown count does not stop or toll the Defender recovery clock.

• The Promoter may incorporate the following rule: If all of the following are true: (A) a Participant was the first Defender in Round 1 by virtue of a coin toss or other alternative method and did not otherwise voluntarily elect to be the first Defender, and (B) there is a technical knockout or knockout finish of such Participant in Round 1, then, once the referee declares the finish, a clock of two minutes begins. During this time, the Defender is given two minutes to recover, establish their fitness to continue as determined by the referee and cleared by the supervising physician and complete one Permitted Slap of their opponent. If the return strike results in a technical knockout or knockout of their opponent, the match is declared a Draw. If the return strike has any other result, then the Match result stands.

The Promoter retains the discretion to change the length of time for each clock referenced above, including for example, adding break time in between rounds (for example, without limitation, if open scoring is used).

F. Clock Tolling / Stoppages

Clock tolling / stoppages may occur under the following circumstances (1) a replay review or challenge (if either are implemented by Promoter) or (2) a supervising physician review (except during the Defender recovery period unless the supervising physician determines necessary to avoid undue injury to the Participant).

In the case of a Striker foul, there is a foul recovery clock for the Defender of two (2) minutes (but may be increased by the Promoter up to five (5) minutes).

G. Fouls

Defender Fouls:

Striker Fouls:

H. Scoring

Matches are scored on a 10 point-must scoring system. Open scoring may be used if elected by Promoter. Criteria for determining points is (1) damage and effectiveness of the Striker and (2) reaction and recovery of the Defender. No criteria are weighed more than the other.
When, in the same round, a Participant lands a strike while committing an illegal wind-up, clubbing or stepping foul, and the opposing Participant completes a legal strike without fouling, the fouling Participant will lose such round by the score of 10-8. This is due to the loss of value of the landed illegal strike and the loss of a point for the intentional foul. If each Participant lands a strike while committing a Striker Foul in the same round, such round will be scored a 9-9 draw.

I. Decisions

the referee) the Participant who was fouled, and therefore inequitably affects such Participant if the Match were to continue

J. Challenges / Replay Review

The Promoter retains the discretion to implement Participant (or corner’s) challenges and replay reviews. Promoter will determine all rules governing such challenges and replays and the scope thereof.

K. Referees / Judges

There will be three judges, two referees, and, if replay is in effect, one replay official for each Match. The primary referee is granted all authority over the Match, unless these Rules state that express authority is granted to the secondary referee or the replay official.

L. Medicals

All Participants will submit the following pre-test medicals and cannot participate in a Match unless cleared by the supervising physician: (1) blood count and results of medical tests performed by a laboratory no earlier than 30 days before the athlete license is submitted and which shows that the Participant is not infected with the human immunodeficiency virus or the hepatitis virus; (2) physical exam by a licensed physician at least 7 days before the date of the first Match in which the Participant plans to compete in the calendar year for which the license is valid, (3) a dilated ophthalmologic eye examination at least 7 days before the date of the first Match in which the Participant plans to compete in the calendar year for which the license is valid, (4) a brain magnetic resonance imaging scan performed within the 5 years immediately preceding the date on which the applicable for a license is submitted and (5) a cerebral magnetic resonance angiography performed within the 5 years immediately preceding the date on which the applicable for a license is submitted. Female Participants must provide the results of an appropriate test, not later than 10 days before the date of the Match, demonstrating that they are not pregnant.

Promoter will ensure that the following safety protocols are in place: (i) supervising physician and one additional physician or licensed physician assistant, (ii) emergency medical technicians (3) & ambulances (3), (iii) a suture and (iv) at least one local hospital arrangement.
Participants may not compete in a Match unless:

M. Power Slap Stage and Power Slap Table

The Promoter retains discretion over the Power Slap Stage and Power Slap Table, provided that each shall meet the following minimum requirements:
Power Slap Stage: Surface of at least 15 feet by 15 feet, with padding that is at least 1 and 1/4 inches thick.

Power Slap Table: Diameter or width of at least 12 inches. Height may be adjustable based on Participant height.

N. Catchers

For each Match, “catchers” may be present on the Power Slap Stage. The authority of the catchers is to use efforts to limit the impact of a Participant’s head to the Power Slap Stage where feasible and to protect the participants from falling off the Power Slap Stage.
If a Participant falls off the Power Slap Stage, the Match clock will be paused for up to two (2) minutes, as determined by the primary referee and the supervising physician. If there is an injury that causes the Participant to be unable to continue in the Match, and the fall was caused by a strike, then the Match will be declared a TKO finish for the Striker.

O. Version of Rules

This is Version 1.01 of the Power Slap Rules. The Promoter retains the discretion to modify or amend these rules with the approval of the Commission (or if applicable, the Executive Director).

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