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Slap fighting is a rapidly growing sport where two robust gentlemen take turns competitively slapping each other in the face, and seeing who can survive the longest.

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Punchdown 3 Final - Vasily vs. Zales

In the Punchdown 3 Final, the War from Warsaw, the Russian Vasily Kamotsky goes up against PunchDown 2 winner Dawid Zalewski from Poland.

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Kharitonov VS McSweeney

Kharitonov VS McSweeney. Fighting with bare fists. Russia against America.

PUNCHDOWN #2 - Eliminations [2/2]

PUNCHDOWN #2 - Eliminations [2/2]

PunchDown 3 Quarter-Final Commentary with Charlie White

Charles White Jr., aka "Cr1TiKaL" and "penguinz0" on YouTube has been providing great commentary of slap fighting. Here's Charlie's commentary for the PunchDown 3 Quarter-Finals.

PUNCHDOWN #2 - Eliminations [1/2]

PUNCHDOWN #2 - Eliminations [1/2]

SlapFIGHT: Juggernaut - Super Heavyweight Tournament

SlapFIGHT: Juggernaut - Super Heavyweight Tourney Featuring: Frank the Tank, Highlander, Solid Slug, Adam Shadows and Mills Ette battling it out in a single night tournament for the vacant Championship! This episode features the Semi Final and Final Round of competition.

PUNCHDOWN #2 - Final

PUNCHDOWN #2 - Final

‘Da Crazy Hawaiian’ vs ‘Prototype’ at SlapFIGHT

SlapFIGHT took center stage during Comic-Con at Welk Resort in Branson, Missouri and our Main Event featured fan favorite ‘the Crazy Hawaiian,’ 320lbs vs Newcomer ‘Prototype,’ 320lbs in a Super Heavyweight Clash. Enjoy the video!