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Slap fighting is a rapidly growing sport where two robust gentlemen take turns competitively slapping each other in the face, and seeing who can survive the longest.

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SlapFIGHT PPVs from Underground w/TITANS CLASH!

Press Event to announce our thirteenth SlapFIGHT Event, 'TITANS CLASH.' This video presser from an undisclosed location includes all of your favorite American Slap Fighters in face offs with their August 27th opponents. Don't miss this incredible Underground Event, LIVE on FITE!

BUY HERE: https://www.fite.tv/watch/slapfight-championship-titans-clash/2p9w7/

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SlapFIGHT: 10 Greatest Battles

Another Fan Requested Top 10 List. SlapFIGHT CEO JT Tilley reacts to this fan-voted list of classic battles. Great behind the scenes info from Tilley,

SlapFIGHT: Juggernaut - Super Heavyweight Tournament

SlapFIGHT: Juggernaut - Super Heavyweight Tourney Featuring: Frank the Tank, Highlander, Solid Slug, Adam Shadows and Mills Ette battling it out in a single night tournament for the vacant Championship! This episode features the Semi Final and Final Round of competition.

'Zeus' & 'the Tank' COLLIDE in a SlapFIGHT FB

Revisiting a fight from 2019, featuring 'Zeus' vs 'Frank the Tank.' This is a preliminary fight from our inaugural Heavyweight Tournament. Commentary by JT Tilley.

SlapFIGHT UK debuts with a BANG!

Featured Fight from our first SlapFIGHT UK Event

'Da Crazy Hawaiian' vs 'Prototype' at SlapFIGHT

SlapFIGHT took center stage during Comic-Con at Welk Resort in Branson, Missouri and our Main Event featured fan favorite 'the Crazy Hawaiian',320lbs vs Newcomer 'Prototype', 320lbs in a Super Heavyweight Clash. Enjoy the video!